Jeff and I enjoyed working with you. We both learned a lot from you during this process. We definitely would work with you again in the future!
Karen D.
For a number of years Heather Swanson has managed our property in Kennebunk. Her services were exceptional, given that we live in Boston, which required her to go above and beyond. She was punctual , honest, knowledgeable, hard working, and personable. I would recommend her services without reservation.
Fred Riley
Landlord, Kennebunk
My decision to use a property manager – and specifically Heather Swanson – to assist with the rental of my Kennebunk condo has turned out to be one of the best that I could have made.  Knowing that I have a capable partner in looking after my property and my tenant is a great relief for me.  She has been there whenever needed, and has been proactive in keeping me and my tenant informed of important events and issues.  Her professional knowledge and attention to every detail have earned her an A+ from my perspective, and I would highly recommend her.
Peggy M.
Heather rented our properties very quickly with well qualified, respectful tenants. She takes excellent care of all her clients: owners and tenants. We couldn't be more pleased; and recommend her wholeheartedly!
As a rental agent, Heather perseveres to find a quality tenant. She is thorough, good natured and pays attention to detail. She possesses good communication skills and I would use her again in a flash!
Christopher Gilbert
Your management of the entire leasing process for our corporate rental has been exceptional. The personal and professional attention you have provided in getting things set up right at the start of the lease were great. But you have really shined during the transition out of the unit at lease end. Your help not only in finding a new tenant but also in helping us to sell furniture and other items that were no longer needed by us has goes above and beyond the call of duty. All your good work is much appreciated and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for rentals in the Kennebunks
David C. Nickerson
I have been in the real estate industry for over twenty-five years and I am very grateful to have Heather as the person that I refer my rental business. She is hard working, diligent and very focused on doing an excellent job. The clients that I have referred to her have also been very pleased and as a result I continue to send clients to her. I also have property that she has rented and managed for me. She has done an excellent job in terms of getting tenants and management of those properties as well. Without a doubt, Heather does an excellent job; she eliminates a lot of the pressure of owning a rental property with outstanding service and results.
Randal Simon
Heather Swanson has been our property manager for 3 years. Because of her, we are relieved of the responsibilities to advertise rental units, find tenants and collect rent. Heather can respond to emergencies and resolve tenant concerns but will do so in consultation with you. If you travel, you will have peace of mind knowing your property is secure and that the tenants have someone to turn to in your absence. I can't say enough about Heather. She is accessible, efficient, professional, and personable. You can trust and rely on Heather and you will end up liking her as well.
Susan G.
Heather has been a great resource not only for landlords, but for her tenants also! As a renter, we have called on Heather when we had concerns. Her response was immediate and effective, addressing even the smallest of issues. This professional dedication to keeping all parties happy is what makes Heather such a pleasure to deal with.
Daniel G.
Hi heather swanson is awesome. I had to move up to Kennebunk Maine for work and the whole time i was worried about getting into something long term in case anything with work happened. I emailed heather and she hooked me up with a great affordable place literally 6 min walk from work as well as a tenant at will lease that's convenience if u ask me. Next season if i decide to come back up this way heather will be the first and only one ill call.
Kevin E.
I really appreciate, Heather, and her skillfulness in managing property. As a tenant, I have found her to be very accessible, easy to communicate with, and very responsive in responding to concerns. She is friendly, professional, and has a sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to work with her!
Anastra Madden
Kennebunkport, ME
I had to move from Maine almost two years ago. My condo was not selling, so I decided to put it up for rent. I interviewed three potential managers. All were good, but one stood out. I bet on Heather and I’m glad I did. I got the personal care I was looking for. She handled all the details, taking the “worries” out of being a first-time landlord. It didn’t take her long to find the perfect tenants. She’s smart, professional, and I know I can rely on her judgment. Not just a manager but a partner, too, Heather has earned a hearty recommendation.
Susan V.
Kennebunk, Landlord
Thank you very much for the support and efforts you continue to give us. It is greatly appreciated that we can do business with a person of your caliber.
Dennis and Heidi Boocock
Kennebunk, Landlord
We rented a condo in Kennebunk from Heather. She has been a gem to deal with. When we call her, she takes action of whatever kind is necessary almost before we hang up the phone. If she needs to come over, she does. If she needs to call someone, she does. She welcomes any questions that we pose, however inconsequential, and she gets back to us with thorough, timely answers. She’s efficient, organized and caring, without being intrusive—exactly the qualities anyone would seek in a leasing agent. We enjoy doing business with her!
Fred & Linda
Renters, Kennebunk