How do I know if a rental unit on your website is available, or coming available?

Each unit is advertised with its availability date; if it is not available, it will be clearly listed as either “rented” or “unavailable”. Unavailable properties are no longer in inventory, but are kept on the website as examples of rentals. The website is updated daily.

Do you have seasonal rentals (winter/summer)?

Rentals of the Kennebunks, LLC provides winter, and year-round housing only; we do not do weekly, summer rentals

What towns do you have rentals in?

Rentals of the Kennebunks provides rental housing in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport only.

When is the best time to start looking for a rental?

Generally speaking, mid to late spring is a good time to start looking for a rental, and your search should begin 60 – 90 days before you anticipate moving. Having said that, rentals come available throughout the year, and your search will largely be determined by when you are in need of housing.

Are there certain qualifications that need to be met to apply for a rental?

The best candidates for tenancy generally have good credit history, meet certain debt to income ratios, have no criminal background, and have strong rental history (past and current).

Why do you require a complete credit report and FICO score?

A complete credit report and FICO score are an important part of the application because it demonstrates a potential tenant’s financial responsibility, and therefore ability to pay rent on time. Step by step instructions for obtaining your credit report and FICO score are on the rental application.

What if I have less than perfect credit, am I automatically disqualified?

Not necessarily; each applicant is assessed on a case by case situation. A minimum FICO score of 700 is preferred; however, exceptions are made under certain circumstances. Short or insufficient credit history is one example. If you have discrepancies on your credit report, see below for resources on getting assistance with credit repair.

How do I verify my income?

To verify your income, you should provide copies of your W-2’s or pay stub receipt, and the previous year’s income tax return. If you are self-employed, you may be required to provide additional information. This verification is needed to demonstrate financial ability to pay rent. Generally speaking, household income should be three to four times the rent amount. This part of the prequalification process may be waived if you pay your rent 12 months in advance.

What if I have never rented before?

If there is no rental history, then a larger security deposit may be required. Each situation is unique, and is assessed on a case by case situation.

Do you allow pets?

It depends, some homeowner’s allow pets, some homeowner’s do not.

What do you require for rent and security deposit?

First month’s rent, last months rent, and a security deposit equaling (usually, but not always) one month’s rent is taken upon lease signing. Sometimes additional deposit monies are required if there are pets involved.

How do I apply for one of your rentals?

First, determine that the rental unit you are interested in is available. If the unit is available, call to set up a showing appointment. After viewing the unit, you can visit the application portion of our website, and print off the application from there. Instructions for what to do with the application are on the application itself.

There are no rentals available on your website, can I be put on a waiting list?

Yes! You can be put on a general email notification list, and when a rental unit becomes available, an email will be sent out. Please be aware that rental notifications are general in nature, and the property in question may or may not meet your specific search criteria. Email: info@rentalsofthekennebunks.com to be put on this list.

Where else can I look for rentals?

There are many places to look for rentals: local newspapers, bulletin boards, Maine Craigslist, Zillow…the internet is usually your best option, as that is where most landlords or agencies post their rental vacancies.

I cannot afford any of the rentals on your website, where else can I look?

If you are in need of income based rental housing, the best place to look is Maine Housing Search